Learn How to Save Your MacBook Hard Drive Data After a Crash?

It is always good to have a backup for your data saved on your Macbook hard drive as you can lose your important data as and when your device crashes. At Mac helpline number, you can get the complete technical assistance for all your issues.


If you are searching for help to save your hard drive data after a crash, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, you are required to create a partition in your windows whether you are using XP, Vista or 7.
  • After that get the program Mac drive as this will let you transfer your files from OSX to the window partition you have created and will let you save your data.
  • Whenever you face crashing issue with your Macbook and are not able to boot into OSX, press ALT key as doing this you can boot into Windows.
  • After this, as per the issue you are having with the hard drive, Mac Drive will give you a message like ‘Mac Drive is corrupted and is not accessible.
  • Now, double-click on the Mac Hard Drive and if the message is displayed again then choose the option ‘Mount Anyway’ provided by the Mac Drive.
  • By clicking ‘Mount Anyway’, you will get access to the files available on your Macbook Hard Drive.
  • Create a backup of all important files, images, documents etc. that you have on the external hard drive of Macbook.

In this way, you can save your data on your Macbook Hard Drive after it has been crashed.If you want to recover your data after the Macbook Hard Drive has been crashed, then go through the given steps:

  • Get the Disk Drill downloaded and installed for your Macbook.
  • After installing, launch the software and then select the crashed hard drive.
  • Now click on ‘Scan button’.
  • This will provide you with a complete disk scan report and all the files found after completion of the scan. Do a preview of the files you found after scanning.
  • Now to recover your lost data, click on the recovery button.

All these simple steps can let you recover your data without taking much time. Still, there can be situations in which you can get stuck due to lack of technical know-how. At this point, you can take the technical help from outside through Mac customer service number +1-888-326-7644. All the issues will be resolved in simple steps and with the help of technical experts available at our side.


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